The Future Cuts barber brand has been a staple in the Atlanta community for nearly 30 years now. The current locations of Future cuts ( Union City ) and Legends Barbershop ( downtown Atlanta ) are thriving like never before. Legends Barbershop is known by many as one of the best shops in the country. When you mix a  vintage style barbershop appeal , with a sports bar spirit, along wit highly skilled barbers,  you have Legends Barbershop.  Nike, Bicardi, and Adidas, are just a few names that have sponsored events at this premier barbershop location. Also the home of Barbers Only Magazine, Legends has hosted numerous beauty industry events such as the female barber showcase. An exclusive event that highlights the top female barbers worldwide. Now with Legends Barbershop being right in the middle of major motion films such as Fast  and the Furious 7 and Barbershop 3, the best is yet to come.

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